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Forget Stephen King's books, forget the "Poltergeist" movies, and as far as that goes... forget any ghost story you have ever read or seen on TV or at the movies. Truth is more thrilling than fiction. One day in 1817, the Bell Witch saga began... CLICK HERE

The Bell Witch Haunting

Forget the standard chop-em-up, or the freakish fiends in rubber masks.  This film has more creepy moments than most of its genre.  Although rounded out nicely with a cast of unfamiliar faces, each has been cast in a part suited to him/her.  Each comes across as 100% believable, pushing this true story to the edges of your mind and waiting while your spine begins to chill.


Just knowing that The Bell Witch is a very real legend in Tennessee, tends to propel this story to an eerier-than-eerie place where we know we have to finish the movie, but that doesn't finish the haunting in our minds.  This isn't some hoax like the Blair Witch Project, or a Hollywood ghost story like The Others.  This is the real deal.  This family lived this.  

It tends to put a whole new perspective on ghosts and haunted areas.  They can't always be tabled and explained away or put in a film vault. 




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