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Ghostly Graveyards
Take a walk through haunted cemeteries and read about the ghosts that choose to hang around them.

haunted cemeteries | graveyard ghosts


Bachelor's Grove - Chicago
A secluded cemetery believed to be the most haunted place in America and most especially Chicago, Bachelor's Grove has had more than 160 cases of documented paranormal occurrences, which include all the standards like weird pics to lights and full body visibles.

Beech Grove Cemetery
Also known as the Conn Church Cemetery, this cemetery is still active.

Camp Chase Cemetery - Oh.
Legend has a young woman, nicknamed the Lady in Grey, wandering among the stones, head down, weeping for her husband, lost in a POW camp during the American Civil War. One grave, a confederate soldier, has had flowers appear on it, with no explainable reason.

Chase Vault - The moving coffins of Barbados
The story of the Chase Vault coffins in the burial vault in Barbados is a fascinating one. 

Chicago Graveyards
A comprehensive listing of haunted cemeteries in the Chicago area. Well worth investigating.

Dartford Cemetery - Greenlake, Wi.
Having recently seen a re-run of A Haunting, a series put out by the Discovery Channel. I saw that Dartford Cemetery wasn't included in cemetery listings, so we'll include it now. The show in the series was from a few years ago and the episode was Legend Trippers.

El Campo Santo Cemetery -San Diego, CA
Restored El Campo has had a rough past with years of rumors about unmarked and lost graves.  It's believed to be actively haunted.

Elkhart Hill Cemetery
The first settler was James Latham. In 1824 he was appointed by President John Quincy Adams to the position of Indian Agent at Fort Clark (now Peoria). 

Fairview Lawn Cemetery -  located in the North End of Halifax at the Northern End of Windsor St. One hundred and twenty-one victims of the RMS Titanic sinking are interred at Fairview, more than any other cemetery in the world. 

Graceland Cemetery
Chicago's Graceland Cemetery has been known for ghost activity for over a hundred years.  Founded in 1860, it was swallowed by the city limits.  

Highgate Cemetery
Like many of England's most famous places, Highgate Cemetery in Highgate, London is perhaps one of the most actively haunted cemeteries in the UK. Opened in 1839, Highgate serves as the final resting place of a long list of famous people including Douglas Adams, Karl Marx and Radclyffe Hall. 

Hollywood Memorial Park - L.A.
A cemetery occupied by so many stars is bound to generate ghostly going's on among the Hollywood set.  Among the stars of this shadowy show are Fatty Arbuckle, Valentino and others, some of whom have been seen disappearing into the Paramount lot, adjacent.

Lafayette Cemetery New Orleans
Unquestionably one of the most interesting and written-about cemeteries in the country, Lafayette Cemetery in the Big Easy stands as one of the most haunted.  Ghosts have been seen flitting in and around the above-ground graves.  


Cemetery Stories
Haunted Graveyards, Embalming Secrets
and the Life of a Corpse After Death

You're fascinated by cemeteries. We all die, and for most of us, a cemetery is our final resting place. But how many people really know what goes on inside, around, and beyond them?



Ghosts in the Graveyard
Texas Cemetery Tales

Legends of abandoned old graveyards and some not so abandoned abound—the crying dog in the cemetery well, the wandering ghost of Long Tom March, who carries a deck of cards and won’t rest until he finds a winning poker hand.

Resurrection Cemetery - Chicago
One of the most famous graveyards in America, this cemetery is haunted by Resurrection Mary, a woman killed near the cemetery after leaving a dance she'd attended.  It is said she asks drivers to let her off at the gates to the cemetery but usually vanishes once there.  The ghost is believed to be her, considering her description and history.

Silver Cliffs - Colorado
Even though many seem not to take much stock in ghost orbs and lights, there are numerous witness accounts of seeing the lights dance and play among the graves.  Studied by prominent scientists like National Geographic, the ghost lights still remain a mystery.

Soop Cemetery
These pictures were taken in Soop Cemetery located in Belleville, MI. This is one of the most active cemeteries in the state. 

Stepp Cemetery - Morgan Monroe State Forest  - Indiana
The most common rumors about spirit hauntings in this forest setting involve a woman entirely in black who floats just above the ground and always disappears as she turns to look at you.

Western Burial Ground - Baltimore 
This graveyard where Edgar Allen Poe rests, has catacombs that sit beneath Westminster Hall.  Ghosts and full body apparitions have stoked the fire-side stories of haunted places for a long time.  People swear they've spotted the poet Poe as well.

The Pentagon Looms Behind Arlington National Cemetery




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Customs of funerals
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History of Funeral Customs 

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Momento Mori
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