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Janet Thompson



the dumas Brothel
Butte, Montana

The Dumas was designed and built as a brothel in 1890 and remained active as a brothel until 1982, making it America's longest running house of prostitution. It was one of the first two story brick structures built in Butte's famous Red Light District along Mercury Street. And ironically, the Dumas is the last survivor of an area where vice thrived and women worked hard, lived hard and sometimes died hard.

  (read more history at  theDumas )


One of the Ghosts - 

"On Feb 8th 1955 Madame Elenore Knott of the Dumas Brothel had made a decision to change her life.She had decided to run away with her lover and start a new life.Her lover was a married Butte business man. Elenore waited patiently with suitcase in hand but her lover never showed. In the morning Elenore was found in room 19 of the Dumas Brothel, dead of an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol."


From Wikipedia

The house was built in 1890 in a Victorian Brothel style and is the last example of that type of architecture known to exist in the United States. Its three-stories feature skylights, several large parlor rooms, and the basement holds several “cribs”, smaller rooms with just enough space for a bed. The rear entrance of the hotel was in a small brick-lined alley off Wyoming Street known as Venus Alley, where many more "cribs" were located. Underground tunnels lead to various Butte buildings, allowing certain well-to-do patrons some privacy while conducting their “business”.

The prostitution business at The Dumas Brothel was officially shuttered in 1982 for income tax violations, when the last Madame, Ms. Ruby Garrett, could no longer afford to pay income taxes


For more about this historic haunted location in Montana, see the official site Dumas


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