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Lafayette Cemetery
Most interesting and written about cemeteries in the country.  Read

Ghosts at Disney
Guests at Disney establishments don't expect real ghosts.  Read

Ohio GhostS 
Ohio seen as the most haunted state "True Ghost Stories from Ohio"   Read



Are Ghosts Real? 
People want to believe.  Not only would proof positive give them a confirmation of life after death, but would cement those who have a deep faith in the power of the soul. None of us want to believe that this is all there is. 

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Haunted Ships & Ghosts at Sea

The USS Alameda is considered one of the most haunted ships in America.  To read the fascinating story of this mighty craft, click here 

Ghosts at Sea
Including the Flying Dutchman, the Ghosts of the Great Lakes, River of Death, and more. Lots of good reading here.

And at the Ghosts of the Queen Mary site (currently offline), you can read her history, about the ghosts that haunt the Queen Mary, including the pool area, and read true encounters of those who have met these spirits. You may encounter these tales when studying for a public administration degree and finding out about seafaring life.

Read about the mystery of the Mary Celeste, one of Canada's ghostliest legends. You'll find theories of what happened to that fateful ship, the known events surrounding the haunting mystery and the history of some of its crew.

Come meet the Lexington Ghost - a polite gentleman who's presence have left more than a few visitors with an uneasy feeling.  Read more about this magnificent vessel

The sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald
"In the early evening of November 10, 1975, the Edmund Fitzgerald sunk on Lake Superior during a heavy storm.  Her Captain and crew of 28 men were never found.   No one knows why the ship sank so quickly or why the Captain never sent out a distress call. And though many years have passed since the incident, mystery still surrounds the sinking."   Read

With so many legends and myths, experiences and pirates tales, one can hardly discount the possible existence of shipboard ghosts and haunted boats. 










Ghost in Every House
A Ghost
In Every House





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