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Dumas Brothel- Montana 
A hundred-plus year old brothel in Butte, Montana serves as the backdrop for ghostly images and occurrences.  History and sex merge at the Dumas Brothel.

The Ghost Children Of San Antonio 
When I first began to speak of the Ghost Children of San Antonio in my seminars, the story was largely unfamiliar to people outside of Texas. 

the Most Haunted Square Mile on Earth 
Life in mining towns was not easy. Many died untimely and violent deaths - deaths from diseases, from hostile environments, from mining accidents, from crime, and even from broken hearts. 

Tranquil, Elegant and Haunted
Nestled among the East San Jose foothills with only a two-lane road leading to the park through the mountains, the Joseph D. Grant County Park can easily be missed. 

Ghostly Tourism on Oregon's Coast

The White Eagle Café & Saloon - Oregon
Across the river from Portland’s shanghai tunnels, the White Eagle Saloon welcomed the seedier side of frontier life in the early 20th century.  

The Moonville Tunnel
Deep in the backwoods of Vinton County stands the Moonville Tunnel, a relic from an era long gone. 

Austin Ghost Tours
Austin is steeped in history, from the days of the Republic of Texas, through the establishment of Austin as the Capitol of the State of Texas. Downtown Austin is full of old, historic buildings, many of which are said to be haunted by a multitude of ghosts. 

El Campo Santo Cemetery -San Diego, CA
Restored El Campo has had a rough past with years of rumors about unmarked and lost graves.  It's believed to be actively haunted.

Ghosts in the Graveyard
Texas Cemetery Tales

Legends of abandoned old graveyards and some not so abandoned abound—the crying dog in the cemetery well, the wandering ghost of Long Tom March, who carries a deck of cards and won’t rest until he finds a winning poker hand.


Silver Cliffs - Colorado
Even though many seem not to take much stock in ghost orbs and lights, there are numerous witness accounts of seeing the lights dance and play among the graves.  Studied by prominent scientists like National Geographic, the ghost lights still remain a mystery.

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