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Haunted Dolls and Ghost Toys

It takes a lot to change some peoples' skepticism about things paranormal.  At times it can't be done, and other times, what they see with their own eyes is irrefutable. 

Such was the case with an investigation a group of friends was doing one evening not long ago.  They've asked me to relay their experience here, knowing that many might toss it onto the outbox of "hear-say" experiences we find by the thousands in the business of paranormal research. 

Nonetheless, they asked that I use the following quote -

"Our groups was four strong that evening, with two participants of each gender.  We were asked to investigate a local day-care because of odd occurrences in that location.  We let ourselves in with a key the owner had left and barely got our bags down, when a ball rolled off the top of the toy box and toward us.  We put it down to the vibrations of our entering the building. However, we were unable to explain how the same ball then rolled back across the floor in front of us before we could even release our video equipment.  The minute our camera guy got it out and shooting, the toy stopped."

Realizing that first hand accounts are only as good as the belief of their readers, this informal group has decided to continue their vigils at the daycare, with video cameras at the ready at all times. 

The Haunted Doll's House
and other ghost stories
by M. R. James


Robert the Doll

Likely one of the most famous of haunted toy tales is the story of Robert the Doll. His story is creepy, childlike and sneaks up on your dreams, as any good ghost story should.  


Doll hauntings are explained in more than a few different ways, from spirit possession, to demon animation, to child kinetic activity. 

Spirit possession of a doll or toy is described as a manifestation of a personality in the toy. That is to say that a personality and its likes/dislikes can be seen, identifying this as a spirit possession.  Demon animation has been witnessed when a doll is seen to move of its own volition, moving limbs, location, etc.  Historic first-person experiences have described doll demons as creatures without any emotion save hatred or mocking.  Childhood kinetic activity is a movement of toys and dolls by the child's own desire and energy manipulation, consciously or sub-consciously.  

Many collectors of haunted or spirit dolls, often remark at how close they feel to their "spirit children", believing them to hold the spirits of long dead children come to feel the love of a human parent again.  

Many paranormalists believe that dolls can hold the spirit of a child who felt closest to the toy, although there are a number of evps that suggest adult spirit activity with some haunted dolls. 

In spite of numerous attempts to prove through a toy or doll that spirit activity exists, the "proof" is usually not sufficient to really lodge as scientific evidence, but this writer has always believed that when so  many first hand accounts exist, something's up. Some of the video "evidence" can be very compelling.  

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