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Haunted Hospitals

Haunted hospitals make for great ghost investigation video. Huge looming hallways, paint peeling, bed frames and iv poles strewn in empty rooms -- all wonderful background for that ultra-scary atmosphere

These long-abandoned haunted asylums and institutions leave behind a heavy and unpleasant energy. They are places of healing and often horrific suffering and in the case of insane asylums, the energy is confused and negative. Souls, the few who remain in these types of places, are almost always those who died in accidents or by devious design. Rarely does one encounter an energy that stays simply because his soul left his body at that place. 

It's like the mistake so many ghost investigators make thinking a graveyard / cemetery will yield ghosts. There is very little to draw energy from in a graveyard. Graveyards are pretty dead places, unless you count the landscaping.  

Investigating an allegedly haunted hospital location has its own issues, such as liability, indemnification, supervision, etc. Many such locations are privately owned haunted institutions and some are government controlled. Permission is always necessary, no matter the owner. 

The many teams who have gone into these very unpleasant-feeling places usually get some great ghost video footage and a moment or two that even the skeptics would do a double take.

Haunted hospitals and ghosts who haunt the corridors of institutions are fascinating cases. Usually their identity can only be guessed at, but still the setting -- a massive hospital facility, provides a strong atmosphere. 


Waverly Hills Haunted Sanitarium - Kentucky
A hospital devoted for decades to treating patients with tuberculosis, echoes the past, with more than its share of paranormal activity. A favourite for ghost investigations.

The Former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital
The author was working as a security officer in the building after a well known College had taken control of the hospital.




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