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Haunted Lighthouses


Yaquina Bay Lighthouse (old) Newport, Oregon 

The older lighthouse is said to be haunted by a strange mystery and a disappearance. 

The story says that someone disappeared after the old lighthouse was abandoned.  The tale got its start with an old magazine story called the Haunted Light, a late nineteenth century story about a young girl who is drawn to the empty lighthouse one day while picnicing with friends.  She disappeared that day.  

Some say her spirit still lingers, yet was it a story of fiction or fact? The legend of Muriel is a well-known tale in these parts, with locals lending their stories of sightings to the energy of the story.  

To the north of the old lighthouse is the replacement.  Yaquina Head Beacon is still said to be haunted.  In the thirties, one of the lighthouse keepers said he heard the ghost on the stairs almost every night.  

No keepers now, but the staff and visitors and volunteers have heard voices and footsteps in the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Most believe that the spirit is one of the old lighthouse keepers.   


Heceta Head Lighthouse

To get to Heceta Head Lighthouse from Portlant, Oregon, you have to drive along highways of incredible vistas.  The Pacific Ocean and the rugged shores of the Pacific Northwest, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Heceta Head Lighthouse sits on a wedge of cliff, with its keepers quarters and light tower.

The keeper's quarters is a Queen Ann style fully restored house, beautiful amid the trees and rock croppings, now open to the public as a bed and breakfast. It is said to be the most haunted area of the compound.

The legend talks about a keeper's wife named Ru. who lost her child in an accident, with conflicting tales of the way the child died.  

Guests of the bed and breakfast talk over the breakfast table of ghostly experiences and for the most part, the tales hold true to the legend.  

The curator tells of the DeRoys, a couple, the wife joining her husband the keeper at Heceda Head. Staff have seen a woman, the style of the early nineteen hundreds, moving about the keepers quarters. A workman in the attic saw woman's reflection in the windows he was cleaning, the image clear and not fleeting.

The desolate area and windy weather gives the haunted lighthouse an even eerier feel, but none who work there have reported feeling uneasy with the spirit which resides there.  All have reported feeling quite comfortable in the keeper's house.


On the coast of Maine, Owls Head Lighthouse is extrordinary when it comes to the stories of hauntings there.  

An hour north of Portland, Maine, Curtis Island Lighthouse is a bird sanctuary.  Even closer to Owls head, we get to Breakwater Lighthouse, one of the few said to be not haunted.

Owls Head is a rocky, craggy area on the coast, sitting haunted on the hill.  Footprints appear on the stairs and the cleaning's been done after a rain, but the footprints don't go down the stairs.  Is it the spirit of a keeper taking his job seriously to this day?  

One family that stayed in the keeper's house in the eighties, who found the ghost interacting with their daughter.  The tiny daughter told the dad in the middle of the night that he had to turn on the fog horn.  The family knew it wasn't coming from the little girl, but from a keeper from days gone by. 

Strange events have gone on in the house, the footprints, the cleaning, the extreme care of the lighthouse, points to a former keeper. The resident family never feels alone.


Prospect Harbor, Maine is about five hours north of Boston.  

The keepers quarters is used for navy personnel, calling it Gull Cottage. The former light keeper's ghost is said to haunt Gull Cottage and the solitude brings on a tale about an old man called Captain Salty.

Guests often talk about the events that plague them through the night, like doors opening and closing, lights going on and off and other odd occurrences.  The owners leave journals for the guests to write in if they have odd occurrences.  There are a trio of statues at a window at Gull Cottage and in the morning, they're faced in a different direction than they were in before the guests retire.  


Florida  -  Pensacola Lighthouse

Nearly one hundred and fifty years old, the tower is maintained by the US Coastguard and they tend to refuse the rumors about ghosts.  

The local story talks about a tragedy in the late eighteen hundreds on a hot summer night.  An argument between a keeper and his wife resulted in a bloody and brutal murder, likely, the locals say, after years of abuse.  The blood stain won't be scrubbed out.  It returns no matter how much one tries to clean that part of the bedroom floor.  

A plumber, looking for frozen pipes one cold January evening, saw and heard a person near him and around him, not his work partner.  He spoke to him and the specter spoke back.  To this day the plumber swears the encounter is true.

Tour guests have seen a lady in white on the second catwalk on the tower and  even though the stairs and tower are locked, the spirit is seen walking around the light.  


2009 J Scheffler


Old Port Boca Grande Haunted Lighthouse


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