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Haunted New Orleans
Ghost Stories Louisiana

New Orleans is often referred to as the most haunted city in the whole of the United States. With an old history, mixing a number of cultures, traditions and customs, Nola has seen it all. Built on a swamp, New Orleans holds a strong position on the Mississippi River and the location meant a rapid growth of import and trading. Although most of the wealthy tended to build their mansions outside the city and away from the swamp, the legend and lore of the area encompass both the city and surrounding land. Many of the older plantations carry their own history with ghost stories arising from slave tales and Indian burial grounds. Mix in African practices and voodoo rituals and the legends become more sinister and frightening. 

Because of her trading and travelers, New Orleans had more than a few cutthroats, thieves, cheats and criminals. In a climate of dense heat, humidity, insects and questionable land conditions, the city survived in spite of the more horrific elements that grew out of the international flavor. The beauty of the balls and society functions, the markets and shops... combined with tales and ghost stories of unspeakable fright. 

Haunted stories like the Myrtles plantation ghost and spirits haunted the LaLaurie House abound in New Orleans. Haunted cemeteries and tombs, bars and downtown buildings have a story to tell. 

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