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Ghosts from Down Under
Australia, New Zealand, and New South Wales

If you decide to visit down under, and Australia, New Zealand, and New South Wales are on your itinerary, check out some of the most haunted sites in that part of the world. Despite the fact the history in those countries is relatively new (like Canada) compared to the United Kingdom for example, the hauntings are strong and numerous. 

The entire town of Picton, New South Wales

Yes, you read that right...the entire town. Said to be one of the most haunted areas, Picton, is famous both in print and documentaries. You can find ghostly goings on and weird noises all over the town, but the tavern and the old railway tunnel. During its use time, the Redback Range tunnel witnessed a high number of deaths and suicides, whose souls are said to haunt the tunnel. There have been disturbing eye-witness accounts of a hanging girl, another young woman looking beaten, a small child, shadows, odd lights, and very cold spots. 

Visit the Princess Theatre, Melbourne Victoria

In March of 1888, one of the popular baritones of the time - Mr. Frederick Federici, was singing in Faust. Playing the part of Mephistopheles, at the end of the opera, he sand into the stage through a trapdoor. The illusion of decent into the pits of hell was complete. During his final decent, the singer had a fatal heart attack and arrived beneath the stage dead. 

Every cast member, background singer, chorus performer remembered him taking his bows with the rest of them at the final curtain, despite being dead for more than an hour. Sightings of his ghost are numerous and many take it as a sign of good fortune. If you visit the theatre, watch for ghostly opera singers.

Beechworth Asylum, Beechworth, Victoria

A long-used and thoroughly depressing site, the hospital has witnessed some three thousand deaths within its walls. If you stay long enough you'll hear the laughter of children echoing up and down the corridors. An old Jewish woman who died being flung from a window by another patient, is said to haunt the halls of the hospital. Some see her in the exact spot where she died. A nurse is reported around the property, especially at the entrance to the teaching quarters.

Fremantle Arts Centre Western Australia

Every list of haunted places has its own insane asylum. Fremantle started as just such an institution. According to the retellings, it is one of the most haunted in the country. Witnesses report chilling unwelcome emotions, feelings of being forced from the building, outlines of people showing up in films and photos. Physical touch as well, pushing, pinching, etc. Others tell of hearing ghostly voices whispering "it's not cold", which apparently has been caught on an evp. 

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