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Haunted Castles



Arundel Castle, Sussex
The Blue Man is a common sighting at Arundel.  He's seen looking for a book in the library of the old castle. 

Bramber Castle, Sussex
When William De Braose landed on King John's "bad" list, he ran to Ireland and was captured there. It is said that the king held De Braose' children hostage and ended up starving them to death at Windsor Castle.

Cadbury Castle, Somerset
It's said that on certain nights of the year, ghostly guards ride about the castle with torches.

Corfe Castle, Dorset
It has been said that a headless gray lady wanders the castle's grounds, the moans of her sadness echo in the dead of night.

Dover Castle, Kent
Dover is an active and lively haunted castle, considered by many to be one of the top.  With half-men and women in red wandering, it's no wonder.  She's been seen in the keep stairwell and the lower half of a man has been seen as well.  

Featherstone Castle, Northumberland
Here Comes The Bride - The Baron of Feathersonehaugh was giving his daughter in marriage to a relative of his, despite his daughter being in love with someone else.  When the members of the wedding party went off for the traditional hunt, it wasn't until after midnight that the Baron heard from them again.  He sat alone at the table fearing for his daughter's life, when he saw the wedding party open the door and come in, passing through furniture and objects as they did.  They'd been slain in an ambush.  On the anniversary, one can still see the wedding party heading toward the castle.

Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex
It seems this castle has the feminine touch, as most of the ghost spottings are of women.  The Gray Lady and the White Lady among others.  One woman was seen on a small horse or donkey.

Hever Castle, Kent
The childhood home of Anne Boleyn, it is said she haunts the bridge area here. 

Hurst Castle, Hampshire
A monk and a small black dog are said to haunt the grounds of Hurst Castle.

Lowther Castle, Cumbria
Sir James Lowther is said to have fallen for a villager and was dreadfully unhappy in his arranged marriage. The girl died and Lowther kept her in a glass coffin until she was finally buried.  Lowther died alone. It is said that his coffin swayed over the open grave at his funeral and that his personal coach can been seen around the grounds of the castle.

Okehampton Castle, Devon
Animal hauntings. Both a black dog and a falcon are seen about the ruins.

Old Wardour Castle, Wiltshire
Lady Blanche Arundell - a Royalist supporter during the 17th century English Civil War - held out against Cromwell's Roundheads with her servants in a siege that lasted nearly a month. The castle was eventually captured by the Roundheads and Lady Blanche Arundell promptly imprisoned and executed. It is said that she walks from the castle to the lake in the fading daylight as a chill pervades the air.

Pengersick Castle, Cornwall
A man who attempted to poison his wife, died because she poisoned him first.

Rochester Castle, Kent
The Lady Blanche de Warenne walks the battlements, her head down as though weeping.

Scotney Castle, Kent
A tax collector, murdered by drowning, is said to walk the halls, dripping spectre water as he goes.

Sherborne Old Castle, Dorset
Sir Walter Raleigh's ghost sits on the castle walls and steps.

Tower of London, London
During her long and illustrious 900 years, The Tower of London has developed into one of the most haunted places in Britain. She has been home to beheadings and murders, torture and hangings, as well as being a prison to Queens and Nobles alike. 

Verdley Castle, Sussex
It is said that the last wild bear ever killed in England still roams the grounds.

Windsor Castle, Berkshire
Windsor Castle is one of the many homes of the present Queen of England, several of her royal ancestors, and "non-royal" spirits, one of whom, according to legend was an ancient Saxon hunter named Herne, who was renowned thought out the area for his outstanding hunting abilities. 



Caerphilly Castle, nr Cardiff
Cardiff Castle, Cardiff
Castell Coch, nr Cardiff
Conwy Castle, Conwy
Dunraven Castle, Glamorgan
Roch Castle, Pembrokeshire
Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire


Aldourie Castle, Inverness & Nairn
Barcaldine Castle, Argyll & Dunbartonshire
Dunrobin Castle, Sutherland & Caithness
Duntrune Castle, Argyll & Dunbartonshire
Hermitage Castle, Borders


Haunted Castles of Scotland

This is a fabulous annotated list of Scotland's most famous and not-so-famous haunted castles and mansions.   


Dracula's Castle - Romania/Transylvania

"This majestic castle
still stands today
in the Carpathian mountains....

It is called Bran Castle,
and it used to be
one of Prince Vlad Tepes'
temporary residences..."


Galway attractions: Dunguaire Castle   
No visit to Ireland is complete without a visit to one of its many historic castles. Some are enchanting and fairy-like filled with character and charm, while others are said to be haunted! 

Warwick Castle with its Ghost Tower 
In Slovakia, one of the most haunted castles of continental Europe 
is Bojnice Castle 






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