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Haunted Long Island

I grew up in Bayville, Long Island, NY, as the eldest psychic child of a very strong psychic and medium. (Of course, we didn't talk about those things, back then). Anyway, there were many things to do in the summer, besides go to the beach, although the beach, and boats, were a big draw.

We didn't live too far from Sagamore Hill, Pres. Theodore Roosevelt's home, and summer White House, in Oyster Bay Cove, so we spent many a day wandering around his home, and well-tended grounds. Not many people realize that Sagamore Hill is haunted. President Roosevelt himself haunts this house, he loved it so much, he didn't want to leave. You can see him sitting in his office, or in the trophy room, they were his two favorite places. The house has such great energy to it, very peaceful and fun loving. You can tell it was owned by a real "family man".

Also in Oyster Bay, there is a home called "Raynham Hall", turned into a museum, that was owned by the descendants of the Raynham Hall in England, where the "Brown lady" has been seen. In the Oyster Bay Raynham Hall, Nathan Hale stayed for a time, during the Battle of Long Island in the Revolutionary War, and it's where he wrote his famous speech, "I regret I only have one life to lose for my country". The spirits that haunt this home are those of a kitchen maid, as she is usually in the kitchen area, and the other one is of a young man, in colonial attire, with a commanding attitude, trailing guests around the house, like he's afraid they will steal the silverware.

So, if you happen to be at Sagamore Hill, or Raynham Hall, on Long Island, and you have the ability to see, or sense, spirits, don't be surprised when there are more people there in the houses than you expect. In my opinion, they add a lot to the ambiance of both locations.


2015 Kathleen Rothenberger

Read about the Brown Lady of Raynham Hall
Raynham Hall is a country house in Norfolk, England. For 300 years it has been the seat of the Townshend family. The hall gave its name to the area, known as The Raynhams, and is reported to be haunted, providing the scene for possibly the most famous ghost photo of all time, the famous Brown Lady descending the staircase. 



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