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How Many Spirits Are You Living With?

I first became aware that I was sharing room and board with a spiritual being when she made herself visible to me one night.  This encounter happened after I had climbed into bed and, as I tried to settle to sleep, felt as though I were being watched.  

I turned slowly toward the source of my discomfort and there, suspended approximately a foot off the carpet, long and gossamer was a spirit, hovering near the door.  I instantly felt it to be female although I had no basis for this thinking.  I kept a steady eye on her, trying to coax her into a sharper clarity by squinting my eyes and then opening them as wide as I could but, after a few brief moments, she was gone.

To anyone who has read my other articles on this subject, my adventures always seem to occur in the bedroom, which may force you to wonder and even suspect that I was indeed asleep, and dreaming something that seemed so real that I claimed it as my reality.  Not so!

My apartment has a collection of spirits housed within its walls, but this nightly entity was the only one I could actually see.

One evening, as I sat in my living room, I watched as the hall light started to flicker on and off which I took as an indication of the bulb needing to be changed.  After finding a spare bulb and dragging a chair over to the socket, I climbed up to change the offending bulb.  Reaching for the switch, I realized that it was in the off position.  I took out the replacement bulb, and put back the original bulb, clicked the switch to the on position and was immediately illuminated in light.  I tested it in the off position and cast the hallway into darkness. 

I played with the switch a few more times and then, happy that the bulb and outlet were working okay, left the light off and returned the chair and the replacement bulb to their rightful places.  On my way back into the living room, I looked toward the hall and saw that the light was on again.  I went over to the switch and saw that it was still in the off position.  


It was then that I realized that I was being teased.  I yelled into the emptiness of my apartment, "I'm not playing your games anymore...go to God!"  I said these particular words because I had read in one of my many books on the subject of spirits that you could get a spirit to remove itself by telling it to "go to God."

The light began a frantic display of flickering off and and on, for what seemed like an eternity but was actually only moments and then the light went out, the switch still in the off position, and the hall in darkness again.

I had no visitor that night.

A few days passed and then I had another strange occurrence.

I had been at the kitchen sink, washing dinner dishes when all of a sudden, a mug exploded in my hand.  I had not placed this mug in water; it was still at room temperature.  Shards of glass went ripping through my flesh and littered the counter tops and floor.  The "pop" of the explosion brought my son running into the kitchen to find me extracting glass from my bloodied palm.  After cleaning up and making sure the glass was all collected and properly disposed of, my son asked what had happened.  I related to him what I have already told you, the reader.  Describing the was a thick, heat-resistant type of clear glass and not the flimsy type to shatter at the slightest change in temperature.  While my son was trying to figure out the cause, I was convinced that I had angered a certain spirit and the tricks were turning into foul play.

The next night, my visitor returned and, while I tried to coax her further into the room, she remained hovering near the door, her gossamer white appearance now a blue-tinged, cloud-like substance.

I thought...if I could meditate, I would be able to reach her but I've never been good at meditating.  I can't sit still long enough to accomplish this skill, but I continue to work on this goal because it is a necessary part of my journey.

I've never felt threatened by my visitor; she just watched over me.  She exuded such a peaceful aura, that I am not totally convinced she was responsible for my dilemma.  Maybe she knew of the other spirits in the apartment and was offering me solace.

Weeks later, my son decided to share his experiences with me, this on the day before he moved out to get on with his own life.  He had many visions while staying with me...visions of spirits that were not visible to me.  I never told him of my visitor, not wanting to upset him but, as you read you'll see, he was having visitors of his own!

He described them as male, dressed in a style befitting the wild-west era.  He said he would see them standing near my living room window, watching, waiting, for what, he knew not.  He was very upset at seeing these, not accepting any of my explanations...excusing them as crazy and, I'm sure he thought that I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer after all was said and done...but I know differently!

My spirit came to me less frequently over the course of the last five years that I remained in residence in that apartment, and when I moved to a smaller apartment in the same building, she stayed behind.  This new apartment is silent...I don't feel a presence.

I continue to try and meditate, hoping that when I am finally at a higher degree of awareness, I will be able to find the answer to my they share our world, or do we share theirs?


2000 Jozette Aaron

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