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Ghost Hunters and Malpractice Insurance 

It’s not far off.  The day when CNN splashes a story about a team of ghost hunters who leaves a client’s house and something ends up missing.  The homeowner screams “theft” and thus it begins. 

Don’t get me wrong, before you get angry.  I’m not the harbinger of doom and gloom.  On the contrary, I see the possibilities in this field.  I see the possible positives and the possible negatives. 

I recently read a thread on a forum about “ghost hunter certification”.  Now, when you’ve been in a field as long as some of us have, I’m pretty sure we’d agree that this is a basic joke…certification.  There are no certifications for ghost busting / hunting or psychic connection.  Yes there are colleges and universities that will degree a person in Parapsychology, but aside from that, there are no persons entitled to or qualified to certify someone else. 

A group can have very specific qualifications or procedures or policy within that group, but as a recognized or accredited certification?  No. 

This is what may in fact begin to be the downfall of ghost hunting groups and teams.  No credentials, aside from x number of years in a group or studying ghost sites, stories, paranormal topics, etc.   No formal credentials can be had.  Therefore, what assurances does the homeowner or business owner have that this team is honest, has integrity and is only there for the stated purpose. 

Releases are good.  Contracts written so that both parties understand the exact nature of the investigation, are very good.  The homeowner should be assured that this team is there for ghost hunting.  

In an ideal world, ghost hunters could be bonded.  An assurance to the client that if something should happen, they are protected.  

Unfortunately any career, hobby or service that takes us into a person’s home, means we leave ourselves and our teams open to litigation.  Yes, let the buyer beware, but integrity and honesty in this field is essential for all of us.  One bad apple and the entire field looks bad. 

Make sure that you and your team are protected.  Write up exactly what’s expected of the team, exactly where you’re allowed to be, what the homeowner expects, etc.  Lay it all out.  

We don’t have malpractice insurance in our field yet, but my prediction is that it will eventually become essential.  Entering peoples homes leaves both us and the client vulnerable.   Be ready, keep lines of communication open and the best policy for all involved at the present time is to make sure the home owner or a representative of them is present at all times during the investigation.  That way, you’re covered.


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