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Ghost Hunters  -  NEW at Iron Island, Buffalo

Sept. 04, 2008

Last night's new episode of Ghost Hunters was up there with the top three of their shows.  Lately, it seems our friends Jason and Grant have been finding more places haunted than they did in their first few seasons.  

Those were the days, when they may not have found anything but were able to debunk rumor or bring truth to situations of possible paranormality.  

Last night's episode at Iron Island delighted many of we original GH viewers, if the forum posts today are any indication.  Between the attic evp that very clearly said "leave me alone", to the shadow that walked in front of the door and the door opening, on film, this episode was fun and scary and really left you shaking your head.  They simply couldn't debunk the experiences they all had.  And of course no really good Ghost Hunters would be complete without a solo performance by Taps own Dave Tango, who trucked up that attic ladder and began a tirade of swearing at the spirits, it was then they retaliated with that very creepy "leave me alone" that Jason and Grant heard down below in the hall holding the ladder. 

All in all it was a super 5 ghostly thumbs up.


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