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The Former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital

The author was working as a security officer in the building after a well known College had taken control of the hospital. The author had heard all sorts of odd stories and rumors that they did not believe.

These stories included the rumor that shortly after three of the old buildings were renovated, a couple of students went to explore the tunnels that connected the buildings. After the students had been poking around some of the empty rooms, they went back towards the stairs and heard what sounded like someone whistling. The sound came from behind them, but when they turned around it stopped. As they reached the stairs leading up they heard it again, followed by a cold gust of wind.

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The Former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital

Waverly Hills Haunted Sanitarium - Kentucky
A hospital devoted for decades to treating patients with tuberculosis, echoes the past, with more than its share of paranormal activity. A favorite for ghost investigations.







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