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Most Haunted Places in America

Dumas Brothel- Montana 
A hundred-plus year old brothel in Butte, Montana serves as the backdrop for ghostly images and occurrences.  History and sex merge at the Dumas Brothel.

St. Augustine – A Ghostly Encounter
I made the three-hour drive from Tampa to St. Augustine on a chilly morning in January. 

The Georgetown Castle - A Paranormal Investigation
The Georgetown "Castle" is located in an old industrial, red light district of Seattle, WA. A large 3 story, Victorian style home, was reportedly built in 1903.

Ghosts of the Disney Magic Kingdom
Guests to the Disney establishments expect to come across ghosts and spirits when they visit the Haunted Mansion, but they certainly don't expect the experiences that many park visitors report about ghostly goings-on. 

Loretta Lynn Haunted Mansion
Hurricane Mills
"Legendary country performer Loretta Lynn is no stranger to ghosts and in fact, has spent her entire life in their presence."

Ohio's True Ghost Stories 
Ohio widely regarded as the most haunted state in the America stakes it claim with a new DVD. "True Ghost Stories from Ohio with Richard Crawford" chronicles the state's most haunted places. 

Real Ghost: The Haunting of The Buxton Inn
The true haunting story of the Buxton Inn is a fascinating story and the building's history goes back to the early 1800's.

The Ghost Children Of San Antonio 
When I first began to speak of the Ghost Children of San Antonio in my seminars, the story was largely unfamiliar to people outside of Texas. 

the Most Haunted Square Mile on Earth 
Life in mining towns was not easy. Many died untimely and violent deaths - deaths from diseases, from hostile environments, from mining accidents, from crime, and even from broken hearts. 

Haunted Baltimore- Prowling for Phantasms in Fell's Point and Beyond
A man moves into a house on Lancaster Street, Baltimore. One day, he decides to take down the previous owner's kitchen curtains. He takes out a wobbly stool and steps up to remove them. 

The Woman of Gray's Mill 
Some of Maryland's most interesting history occurred along the Pataspco River. From Parr's Spring to Elkridge, the river valley's geography goes from a cold piedmont stream to a rugged, rocky gorge into a coastal plain. 

Tranquil, Elegant and Haunted
Nestled among the East San Jose foothills with only a two-lane road leading to the park through the mountains, the Joseph D. Grant County Park can easily be missed. 

Ghostly Tourism on Oregon's Coast

Bobby Mackey's Music World
Wilder, Kentucky is a small town that is located just south of Cincinnati, Ohio. For many years, the town has been subject to visits from curiosity-seekers, tourists, paranormal investigators and media reporters.

The Bell Witch
Adams, Tennessee
According to the annals of supernatural history, the story of the Bell Witch started in 1817 when the Bell family, prosperous farmers from Tennessee, began experiencing strange phenomena in their home. 

The White Eagle Café & Saloon - Oregon
Across the river from Portland’s shanghai tunnels, the White Eagle Saloon welcomed the seedier side of frontier life in the early 20th century.  

The Moonville Tunnel
Deep in the backwoods of Vinton County stands the Moonville Tunnel, a relic from an era long gone. 

Cincinnati Subway
Most major cities have subway systems--New York, LA, Chicago, Washington. In the years following World War One, when the economy was booming, Cincinnati decided to build one for itself.

The Former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital
The author was working as a security officer in the building after a well known College had taken control of the hospital.


The Henslee Bridge
This is the best known of the sites in Arkansas. As the story goes, in the early 1950s, a young woman, on the way to her Senior prom, was involved in a traffic accident and drown.

Dudleytown, located in/near Cornwall, Connecticut, isn't actually a town so much as the ruin of a former farming community now. All that's there now are some foundations, root cellars, and chimneys. 

Waverly Hills Haunted Sanitarium - Kentucky
A hospital devoted for decades to treating patients with tuberculosis, echoes the past, with more than its share of paranormal activity. A favourite for ghost investigations.

Oak Alley Plantation
What better place to film a movie about creatures that walk the night than Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana?  Seen in numerous films including, “Interview with a Vampire,” the plantation has it’s own way of making visitors feel welcome. 

The Grey Man
Perhaps the most frequently told ghost story in Georgetown County is that of the Grey Man. According to numerous documented accounts, he appears on the beach at Pawleys Island prior to hurricanes. Everyone who has seen the Grey Man says that he warns them to leave the island.

Austin Ghost Tours
Austin is steeped in history, from the days of the Republic of Texas, through the establishment of Austin as the Capitol of the State of Texas. Downtown Austin is full of old, historic buildings, many of which are said to be haunted by a multitude of ghosts. 


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