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Mysterious Ghosts at the Old Sheep's Inn - Part 1   

by A Kasady

The old inn, situated on the outskirts of London, proved to be a very eerie place to investigate for ghosts, if our research proved true.

The inn has always been a public house since it was first built in the late 18th century. The cellar is split into many rooms, and was used as a holding cell for prisoners being brought to the courthouses in London.

Katherine decided that we should carry out our ghost investigation in this old inn when she found out that a lot of the prisoners held in the cellars never left alive. The current owners of the inn told Katherine about some of the ghost activity that kept them awake at night.

Glasses have being thrown off tables, tables and chairs have been moved in the night, and strange ghostly figures have been seen, but the thing that interested our ghost team the most, were the ghostly screams coming from down in the cellar. The staff at the inn refuse to go down there alone, often don't go down there at all in the evenings.

We turned up at the old inn and began our paranormal investigation into the workings of the building. We placed a glass in the middle of table in the bar area ,and sprinkled flour around it. When we would return later on in the evening, the glass may have been moved. We also placed some motion detectors in the hallway between the bar and the cellar area, to catch a ghost that may move through beams.

We brought Annabel in to give us her initial opinions of the building. Walking into the bar area first Annabel told us of the ghost energy of the past 300 years that still resided in the building. She told us of people and noises, the smell of ale and talking and laughing.

Annabel found it very hard to concentrate on any one given thing, as she was beginning to tell us so before she stopped. Annabel asked to leave for a few minutes for some fresh air. This is something we had never come across before on our ghost hunts, and were quite shocked by this.

After a ten minute break Annabel came back in and told us that while she had been talking about the ghost energies still in the building, when a spirit had whispered in her ear proclaiming that "Those that will be judged will be done so here."

Then she saw a strange ghostly image of a man being tied up to a pole in the basement, and whipped to death. So shocking was this image, that Annabel had to take five minutes out just to clear her head again.

The ghost image was now returning again. The voice she heard had come from one of the patrons at the inn. She picked up on the name 'Robert'. The criminals were brought here to be held overnight, and many soldiers paid Robert to kill the prisoners during the night. This way, the soldiers could return home earlier than expected, and they would still be paid. Robert was very skilled in his killing of these men.

To be continued

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