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The Fear Of Ouija Boards - And How To Overcome It   

by Bob Daulby

Almost 20 years ago, I began researching the Ouija Board to see if there was any validity or proof that could be gained from it that would benefit us all. At the time, I have to say that, like most people, I too had been deeply influenced by rumours that such devices are evil, not to be trusted or, at the very least, questionable. However, through a previous study of hypnosis, I also became very aware of self-delusion, self-fulfilling prophecies, belief and fantasy so well that it became an easy task for me to opt for the middle ground. Thus, for me to approach this tool of spirit communication with an open mind - the mind between belief and non-belief - wasn't a problem. And so, in the winter months of 1985, with eight people around my first board, my research began.

It was after a ponderous and shaky start that, after a lot of patience, three people - already passed over, one after the other, dropped in to speak to me. And although they provided me with enough proof of their existence to sink a battleship yet, it still wasn't quite enough for my mind to accept that I was actually speaking to real people from beyond the grave. However, with 'Debbie' all of this was to change.

"Is there anyone there?" I asked. On my old board - now 'The Spirit Contact Board©' (which is far superior) - the usual responses were slow in forming. But, as I say, with a little patience, it soon made sense when the board replied:


"Hello Debbie." I said, "What can we do for you?"


"Pardon? Did you say 'pass the dope' Debbie?


"What dope are you talking about? We don't have dope in this house."

At the time, Marijuana was very much outlawed and, with two young children in the house, such chemicals - and the sure problems with Police that were bound to follow, was not permitted anywhere near my family or my home. However, the reply to this remark was:


Even if this were to be true, in my mind, there could be only one reason that there was any kind of outlawed drug in my home back then and that would have to be that someone around the table had got some and hadn't said so. Other than this, there was no chance of their being any kind of this type of drug in the home. So I asked,

"Ok. You say that there is dope in this house. Could you tell me where it is please?"


"Oh right. 'Under a chair'. I'm sorry Debbie but I think you're mistaken. There isn't any dope under any chair in this house Ok?"


I then asked everyone around the table if they had any dope and that, if they had then to please own up and put an end to this. But there was no need to ask for they all felt the same as me about it.

"As you can see Debbie - at least, I think you can - no one here has got any dope. So, if they haven't got any then, how can there be any under any chair? Are you sure you're not pulling my leg?"


I was getting rather bored with this so I sighed and asked, "Ok. Which chair is it under please?"

Although I have mentioned that there were eight people around that board that night yet I must add that as they were sat yet I was stood at the back taking notes and that, my finger was never on that glass.


"You mean this one on my left?"


"You're joking! There's no way that there's any dope under that chair. No one sits in it but me Debbie and I don't use the stuff. Ok. Don't bother answering that. Let me check and prove you wrong Ok?"


"I will!"

With that, I put down my notes and moved the chair.

Now, in being a lazy couple back then, neither my wife nor myself ever vacuumed under either chair. Like a lot of people, we hovered around them to then get on with other things - like watching TV etc. So, when I moved the chair and, much to our embarrassment, there was almost enough dust and debris there that could have coated a bald Bear! In any event, in ignoring our red faces, I bent down and started to sift through it to show Debbie - and everyone else - that there wasn't a hope of her being right.

But, to my utter incredulity, she was!

When I had finished sifting through all the rubbish, right there, in my fingertips was a small rolled up piece of silver paper. Inside this foil was a small piece of dope that must have been there I don't know how long.

"How on EARTH did you know this Debbie!?" I exclaimed.

"FELL OUT OF (A name I can't mention) POCKET"

"Well I never! I can't believe my own eyes here! Look everyone! Tell me this isn't dope!" But, when they all looked at it, they all recognised that it indeed was. "Unbelievable! How could this have anything to do with any ideomotor effect? How could any of us have ever thought of pushing the glass around - even unconsciously - to spell out something so very far fetched as this? Dope? In MY house? Never!" To make matters even more incredulous, the person she mentioned hadn't set foot in my house for over twelve months prior to this communication!

Was this proof enough for us? Of course it was. But the story didn't end there for; we had yet even more shocking news - and proof - to come from Debbie that continued on until the early hours of that night. Further information revealed... But wait; there is something you need to know first.

At that time, I was in the habit of going around to a friend's house on Tuesday nights for what we called 'Computer Nights'. It was back in the Commodore 64 days before most of us even thought of owning a PC. As far as the general public was concerned, such masterful multi-tasking machines had yet to be invented. Now, I don't know if you're the same as me but, for me, although I may make a friend yet, unless the topic is brought up, rarely will I come to know if he or she has any brothers or sisters. And, with him being the same with me, he didn't know this about me either. However, unbeknownst to my friend, I had some shocking news in wait that would turn him right over when I saw him the following Tuesday.

It was as we were sat playing that I brought up the subject of family. After I had told him of mine, I asked him about his to which his reply was that he had had two sisters.

"What do you mean by 'had' two sisters 'D'?

"Oh? Didn't you know? I lost one a few years back."

"Really? Ok. Can I try something with you?"

"What's that?"

"You know that I didn't know you had any family until I asked you didn't you?"

"Yeah? So what?"

"OK. Supposing I fill in the gaps for you? If I do that then, will you believe me that my board works and that the afterlife really does exist after all?"

He laughed and said, "You can try if you like but it won't do you any good."

"Oh don't let that worry you. Ok. Let's start at the beginning. You haven't told me yet but I'm going to tell you that the sister you had, was named 'Debbie'. Is that right?"

He was drinking from a can at the time and nearly spilled the lot when, ashen-faced, he turned to me and yelled, "How did you know that!?"

"Let me finish Ok? I'm right aren't I? So, let me think now. How did she die? Well, I'll tell you. She was hitching a ride to London in which she managed to hitch a ride from a truck driver. Since the truck driver didn't get his wicked way, he threw her out of his truck. As you and I now both know, like your older sister Helen - who is still with us - Debbie liked her drugs didn't she? She liked Heroin. So, when the truck driver threw her out, he had no idea that she was as high as a kite. Anyway, he was in such a temper about not getting his way that he stopped the truck immediately. Without even thinking about it, he had inadvertently thrown her out on the fast lane. Since Debbie wasn't at all sober, she wondered around that lane not knowing what she was doing. Moments later, a fast car came and drove over her killing her outright. When she died, Debbie was 18. Is there anything I've said 'D' that was wrong?"

My friend was at a complete loss as to what to say or do. He didn't say a word to me for over an hour and was at a complete loss for words. By the look on his face, I knew that everything I had just said was true and that no detail was wrong. In any event, when he did manage to gain control of himself, he verified every word.

Two weeks later, in knowing I was still up, he phoned me at two in the morning and he was crying. When I asked him what the matter was (he doesn't cry) it took him everything to tell me that, since our conversation, he had been overcome with the loss of Debbie. He went on to add that, when she had been so tragically killed like this, his whole family, parents and all, had all but blocked it from their minds. Although they had a funeral for her and all had turned up yet, for them, such a thing hadn't really happened. They told themselves that, since Debbie always hitched everywhere that, this is where she is 'out there' somewhere, still alive and having too much fun to come home. At that point, he begged me to drive him to her grave.

When we eventually found the graveyard in the dead of night in a small village nearby, it was dark, cold and very foggy. For over an hour and, with lighters in hand, he and I searched amongst the gravestones for where she could be. When we found her, he threw himself on her grave, held her headstone and sobbed his heart out.

"I loved you Debbie. I'm sorry I wasn't much of a brother to you. But I loved you. I'm sorry. So sorry... I'm so sorry for everything..."

As he cried and released his obvious deep remorse and, although I didn't view myself as being particularly psychic at the time yet, I swear I could feel Debbie holding him very tightly indeed as she cried along with him.

It was beautiful.

..and proof of your own can be gleaned in this way just as easily as it did me. I'll show you how to get it too.

I Thank you for your time

Bob Daulby

About the Author

Bob Daulby is a world renowned, global expert on matters of life after death, the greater life and Our Worlds Beyond. He has contacted and communicated with all kinds of entities from the astral plains, other-worldly beings (aliens) as well as with those from inter-dimensional existences and different time-lines. He can teach you to do the same in a very safe, sure and positive manner at: 


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