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Review - Paranormal State (Episode "Fury")

I've never been a fan of Paranormal State. I find its lead character - Ryan, hard to take in hour long doses. He has a tendency to arrogance, heavy Christianity and stepping beyond what are obviously his abilities, resulting in a bumbling and overplayed effort.

In this particular episode (fury) he decides that the repeated name "Ryan" in the client's dream journal is all about him. Cue "You're So Vain"

Ryan is probably one of the top ten most common boy's names in the past two hundred years here. He always seems to come off really full of himself.

The episode itself is one of the series better ones and that's saying something, because this episode lacks luster or any sense of atmosphere or authenticity. His overshadowing ego simply kicks any semblance of reality in the teeth.

I also find the tone he takes with his "team" rather off putting. He condescends and it's very unattractive.

The series psychic Chip Coffey, also tends to appear forced and pre-briefed about the history. And in this episode, it just so happens that one of the "team" finds an indian arrowhead. Just happens to find....

Although there are few ghost shows today that instill realism and truth in the viewer, Paranormal State, at least for me, would be right down there at the bottom of the list, along with the Most Haunted series.

At least Yvette doesn't take herself so seriously. Ryan needs to chill. There are lots of us that are just not that into you.



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