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Are You A Believer In Parapsychology?

Author: Susan Barbara Apollon
Publisher: Matters Of The Soul
ISBN: 0975403648

Today, Norm Goldman, Editor of  is honored to have as our guest, Dr. Susan Barbara Apollon. 

Susan is the author of Touched by the Extraordinary and for the past twenty years worked as a psychotherapist, psychologist, and healer, treating children and adults who are traumatized, diagnosed with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses, dealing with death and dying, and those who are grieving.

Good day Susan and thank you for agreeing to participate in our interview.


Susan, could you tell us a little about yourself and how did you become interested in the paranormal?


Because I work with those who are dealing with cancer, trauma, life-threatening illnesses, death and dying, I would have patients share stories of extraordinary events that happened to them which they refused to share with anyone else ?for fear of being labeled crazy. Their stories, often of deceased loved ones finding ways to communicate messages that they were still going strong, still loving and available to their physical loved ones, truly stimulated my interest in the nature of life and death and whether we die or not. And I wanted to be able to not only comfort my patients, but to also provide them with knowledge which would enable them to be hopeful and at peace regarding their deceased loved ones and the possibility of reconnecting with them at some point 


How did you get the inspiration for your book Touched by the Extraordinary? 


It came in part from the kinds of stories my patients shared with me which dealt not only with visions and communication with loved ones, but also experiences of angels, guides, masters, synchronicities, prayers being answered, as well as miracles and healings taking place - all of which made me feel as though we were often fortunate to be blessed by something greater, more wonderful and extraordinary than we felt ourselves to be. It also came from my own intuitive studies, research and energy work. Specifically, as I found myself developing my intuitive wisdom via many years of working with superb spiritual teachers, studying Mind and Consciousness, learning to meditate and engaging in energy and healing work. I knew I was connecting with that which is ?with All there is ?and this felt, for me, as though I were being touched by the extraordinary.


What was your primary objective when you wrote your book? 


Initially, to provide comfort to those dealing with loss ?loss of health, loss of life, loss of dreams ?and kind of significant and meaningful loss. However, this changed with time. Actually, this changed because I had changed. I had grown in terms of my sense of who I was. Thus, after almost ten years of work on and completion of the book, I actually chose to completely rewrite it. You see, knowing that I had changed and that I had learned so much from my journey of research, interviews and studies, I felt I had a responsibility to share what I had learned with others to not only help comfort and heal ?but to enable everyone to know the powerful resources that lie within each of us to have the life we wish to have. 


Can you explain some of your research techniques, and how you found sources for your book? 


Yes, but understand, please, that each piece of research I did, each form of energy work I studied and practiced, every meditation I did, every intuitive development class and circle I attended, every Healing and Consciousness Seminar I was involved in, every prayer I have offered on behalf of others and for myself ?all of this and more have been for me the pieces of the puzzle to help me understand the power of Mind and Consciousness ?and the Universe ?which, in turn, contribute to me knowing how powerful a being I AM ?and all us are, as well.

I spent more than a decade interviewing those - anyone, be it patient, stranger, friend, friend of friend or patient, etc., who had chosen to share their miraculous and remarkable stories with me ?always, of course, securing their permission first. In addition, I began my research first with the literature coming from my colleagues in both the field of psychiatry and psychology dealing with past-life experiences and reincarnation, including the wonderful work of Brian Weiss, Ian Stevenson, Carol Zaleske and others.

I then moved on to read as much as I could re near-death experiences, following the publication of research by Kubler-Ross, Raymond Moody, Sabum, Morse and Ring, most of whom were physicians who had begun to publish their findings. This led me to the important research of the quantum physicists ?dealing with nonlocal mind, as well as those who wrote of their work, including Dossey and Chopra. This brought me, naturally, to research and personally test out the powers of Mind and Consciousness. 

I studied with individuals whose methods have been honored by Harvard, including the healing methods of Larry LeShan and Joyce Goodrich. I sought out role models, including Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, to visit with and interview, asking questions for which I had long wanted answers.

I read as much as I could regarding scientific research of prayer, healers and healing ?and I spent much time practicing what I preached. I knew I was becoming more intuitive in the process. I made a point of actually putting to the test and using my intuition ?my nonlocal mind –to therapeutically heal my patients emotionally, mentally, spiritually ?and, at times, physically. 

What is nice in doing work over a decade is that the universe comes around to eventually providing you with authors who are writing and studying what you have been doing.

Doctors, scientists and psychologists who understand the power of mind to help heal are writing materials which have been a part of my research. These include the works of Orloff, Myss, Borysenko, Siegel, Northrup, Dossey, Tolle, Hawkins, Targ, Radin,and Zukav.

Medicine today is dealing with an appreciation of alternative healing methods, some of which are based on an understanding of the principles of energy and nonlocal mind. This has been helpful in the acceptance and validation of the work I have researched, practiced and about which I have written. 


What challenges or obstacles did you encounter while writing your book? How did you overcome these challenges?


Initially, and in the early to mid nineties, people would express some skepticism or doubts re my research ?sort of including me among the crazy or “way out there" population. Interestingly, I never had difficulty finding individuals who had extraordinary experiences. It appeared to me that just about everyone had them ?but few were comfortable sharing them with most people. Yet, these individuals were always eager to share their stories with someone who believed them to be of sound mind. So, I persevered. I never let the thoughts of others stop me. I felt driven and a sense of hunger for finding answers to what I believed to be Truth ?(that we have everything inside of us that we need). 



In your book you often mention that we are “nonlocal beings." What exactly is a “nonlocal being?? How widespread among your peers is the acceptance that we are “nonlocal beings??


Being nonlocal means that we are all blessed with consciousness (or mind ?or intuitive wisdom) that extends far beyond our body, the present moment or the place in which we are located.

We are so extraordinary, so wonderful, and so special because we have access to All there is. And, we can access this knowledge by learning to connect with our own wisdom, something I like to think of as our soul’s wisdom, by quieting our mind and our body and going to a beautiful place of peace, well-being and sense of divine connection and awareness. This is often done using our breath and learning to fill with feelings of love.

When I began my research, the issue of being nonlocal, I believe was far from being accepted by my peers. However, as humanity has moved into the 21s century, we are allowing in a greater awareness of our ability to know so much more than we believed ourselves capable of knowing in the past. In conjunction with Carl Jung’s concepts of the Collective Unconscious and archetypes, what is being thought and dreamed about in one part of the world is being thought and dreamed about throughout the world. 

The idea of our being intuitive beings has been the subject of national publications, as well as scientific and educational journals. Scientists are now releasing findings of research conducted during the 20th century which dealt with remote viewing and attempts to explore and understand the amazing powers of Mind and Consciousness. Of course, as we face and embrace our intuitive wisdom, we also find ourselves becoming more spiritual beings. So, to answer your question, yes, I believe my peers are far more accepting of our being nonlocal beings ?though we still have a ways to go. 


In your book you often refer to the teachings of Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Dr. Melvin Morse, and Dr. Raymond Moody. Why have these three influenced your thoughts


That is a good question. Perhaps, and I believe this to be the case, their teachings influenced my thinking because I intuitively believed that what they had to say was Truth. That is, it felt right for me upon reading their material. It simply felt right and this led me, no, created a hunger within me, to want to know more of their work and their research. What is interesting is that each phase of my work led me to- and created a hunger for- the next phase. Perhaps this is because it all felt so good and so right for me.


What kind of positive and negative feedback have you received from your book?


Norm, I am moved and touched by the response to the book so far. To write an entire book that came from my heart, first, and my research, second, and to have others share with me that they have truly enjoyed reading it "and that they have experienced so many of the same kinds of events and stories, always feeling they were unique and alone, has been extremely gratifying.

To have individuals from various parts of the country contacting me to let me know that book has helped them find comfort, solace and even uplifting feelings while dealing with cancer, life-threatening surgery or the death of a loved one ?all of this has warmed my heart and validated my belief that this material needed to be written and shared with everyone. 

What pleases me, in particular, is that feedback has indicated that the book is an easy-to-read, comfortable experience, something which I had so much wanted for the reader. My intention had been to create a book which would create the feeling that the reader and I were sitting across from one another, over a cup of tea or coffee, having a really comfortable and easy to understand conversation. And, I wanted to create a book which could be picked up at any place and that the reader would only have to read just a few pages to feel satisfied and that those few pages would be what he or she needed at that moment. I am hearing from many that this has been their experience. 

I have not yet received much negative feedback, perhaps because readers are simply being too kind or because we are too early in the process. I have heard from some that they read the book, from cover to cover, even though this was not their favorite type of material, but because it was presented in an enjoyable manner.


How have you used the Internet to boost your career and your book?


I have a website, which is one place the public can learn more about extraordinary experiences (there is an offer of a free report dealing with the extraordinary) and where the book can be ordered. In addition, there are other websites such as ,  and  where readers can visit, learn about the book and then order it, if they wish.

Furthermore, as the book is being reviewed, the reviews will appear on the internet on various sites. Several of the radio interviews I have had, I have been told, have also appeared on the internet. And, at some point soon, I will establish a blog and additions to my website to further comfort, soothe, guide and educate individuals about how extraordinary they are. 


Any unique ways you'll be marketing your book that is different from how others authors market their books?


I am about to begin production on an audio version of Touched by the Extraordinary. As a psychologist, I have been extremely aware that many benefit much more from audio material because they are simply not comfortable with the process of reading. Yet, they are hungry for knowledge and eager to grow mentally, spiritually and mentally. Furthermore, I plan to eventually offer seminars to the public which I hope will not only serve as wonderful and joyful experiences, but events which will empower, enlighten, delight, and reinforce the many ways in which each of us can develop the capacity of our mind and consciousness, as well as tap into our own soul’s intuitive wisdom. 


Is there anything else you wish to add that we have not covered? 


Yes, know that I am very grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to share a good part of this journey with you. May you and y our readers be blessed with love, well-being and peace. Warmly, Susan

Thanks and good luck with all of your future endeavors.

The above interview was contributed by: NORM GOLDMAN: Editor of Bookpleasures & CLICK TO VIEW Norm Goldman's Other Reviews. 

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Norm Goldman is the editor of the book reviewing site, .

Norm is also a travel writer and his articles that are melded with his wife Lily's water colors can be found on their site 


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