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Shadow People | Shadow Beings

Shadow people are the dark shadowed forms that appear, often shaped like a person, but occupying no space. These are energies that have slipped into our visible light, but do not stay. They are a transference from other realms of existence to our own, and back again. They are most often seen in the peripheral vision, the edges of sight, and very often show up in rooms where light sources are not strong; where shadows make for excellent cover. 

A shadow person can be at first frightening. The observer then realizes the shadowed figure isn't interacting with this world. They stand as observers, it appears. They don't usually stay visible very long, and they show no visible detail. 

Accounts vary in the details, but all have a few common elements. None show details, features, clothing, etc. Their presence is usually brief. They don't communicate at all. Many who encounter them feel almost neutral toward them after the initial shock. Their appearance can be startling.

Shadow beings, shadow men, shadow folks, shadow demons...all these names are assigned to the same type of being. People have reported seeing shadow beings at night, in a darkened room, in a shaded spot outdoors, etc. They can show up at any time, provided the lighting is right. They lack substance and have no features at all. Some eye witnesses have described a flowing to the movement; while others have suggested that the movements of shadow people is jerky and exaggerated.

The seeing of shadow beings has been blamed on such things as drugs, eye conditions, brain chemistry, cursed land, dreaming, alien connection, shade (thoughtform), or dimensional slip.

No sociological parameters exist at the moment. It does not matter what age, gender, religion, culture, or other characteristic, people who have seen shadow beings come from all walks of life. 

2014 J Thompson


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