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True Ghost Stories


This is a true story. I lived in a haunted house in Beavercreek Ohio for 15 years. My mother, my children and my brother in law also lived with me. We often heard beautiful music, muffled conversations and we would hear our names called. Items would disappear and then show up in very strange places in the house. 

The garage was dark and evil. No one was ever comfortable in the garage and we did not go in there at night. 

When we were moving out of the house, my oldest son and I spent one of our last evenings there talking at the kitchen table. When I asked him if he thought the house was going to miss us, there was a loud, consistent knocking down the length of the hallway and after a short moment, it came knocking back up the hallway to where we were sitting. We both heard it. 

We have not been back to the house, but I would love to know if the present owners have had any occurrences. I now live in North Carolina with my oldest son and we discussed the old haunted house just the other night. We both miss it. 

Patricia A. Deiser


Hello there 

Over a year ago now my mate was the night shift security guard that checked on the old Board of Works which is on a Rd named Cragie Rd its on the Mornington Penninsula its a quiet rd just paddocks and sheep and cattle and the odd farm house everywhere and almost at the end of the rd theres the old Board of Works on the right, anyway he had 2 check on the joint twice a night so 1 night his there late at night walking round with his torch he walks in a room and shines the torch on what he said was a little girl around 8 or 10 years old dressed in 1970's clothes just standing there, he got outta there back 2 his ute right and sitting in the passenger seat is the little girl so he turns round the other way then looks and shes gone he starts up his ute and drives out the carpark on2 Cragie Rd right he takes a look back and he said u could c the little girl running back 2 the factory, so yeah he quit his job the next day i heard, theres been lots of strange noises coming from the factory but no 1 has worked there for many years everythings switched off, chainsaws have been heard going off in there its a real strange place. A true story






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