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Haunted Dartford Cemetery
Greenlake, Wi.

Having recently seen a re-run of A Haunting, a series put out by the Discovery Channel. I saw that Dartford Cemetery wasn't included in cemetery listings, so we'll include it now. 

The show in the series was from a few years ago and the episode was Legend Trippers. Three teens decide to test out the old legend where if you sit atop this particular mausoleum - 

dartford cemetery haunted mausoleum legend trippers get pushed off by a ghost.  The series did a fairly good job of recreating the series of alleged events in these shows and they create some rather unnerving moments. 

Dartford Cemetery is located in Greenlake, Wi. and is said to be haunted.  Not only is local legend full of the pushing ghost, but others as well, including a native chef and a small girl.  As with many cemeteries, there are children buried there who succumbed to polio and other ailments. Whenever we have a concentration of child deaths, the energy can be weird, to say the least.

The whispers of glowing gravestones and ghost lights are the stuff of campfires and have been debunked by a number of paranormal ghost hunting groups.  Don't expect a me and ro skull necklace to levitate off a tombstone.

Graveyards are fun places to go ghost hunting, but you usually have to seek permission from the county to be there after dark.  Dartford has its share of whispers. 


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