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Magazine Reviews about Ghost Trackers, Ghost Hunts, Pictures of Ghost, and General Paranormal   

by B. Edwards

If Ghost Trackers and Ghost Pictures are your thing you will LOVE these two mags

Fate and Ghost are two awesome magazines you must check out if you are into ghost tracking or ghost hunts. They also have a ton of paranormal info in general. Fate is a one of a kind experience for readers. I like that it is 130 pages and comes out monthly in full color. It has been in print since 1948. No other magazine of its kind has been around for 60 years bringing loyal readers such a wide selection of actual accounts of the strange and unknown. That's a pretty bold statement! Fate is known for being factual. And it is certainly entertaining and very informative. Trust me you wont put down this months until next months arrives. Even then you will find yourself reading your past issues. In fact it is so cool that people who are not even serious about these topics will be glued to it just for entertainment. Some of the topics it covers are paranormal investigations, readers own personal experiences, official UFO investigations. Fate also covers fringe science, psychics, spiritualist, and archeological hotspots. It truly is an awesome magazine on these subjects. I absolutely LOVE it! Check out my ghost tracking blog listed in the about the author box below for ghost tracking tips and more info on FATE and GHOST!

Now for GHOST mag. Wow, I could say almost all the same things for this mag as well. It is absolutely amazing as well, articles so intense I have gotten goose bumps, and felt the hair on the back of my neck tingle while reading articles. Ghost has been printed since 2004, and prior to that was just online. While Ghost doesn't have the history that Fate does, let me tell you the quality is definitely there. Full of profiles, tips, best and current interviews, techniques, reviews, and every other ghostly thing imaginable. I really do LOVE this one too! The only thing I could possibly say negative is that it's only published quarterly. Trust me though you will see that there is more than 3 months worth of quality info and excitement in each issue. If I had to choose between the two it would be another mystery. I honestly couldn't. Check them out for yourself at my blog link listed below on ghost tracking there is a paranormal mag page link at the top right of the first page. If your like me you will want to get them both or it will "HAUNT" you forever! 

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