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The inside story on the Ghost Rider, the movie, comic, hero!   
by Robert Rogfend

Are you interested in knowing some of the basics of what is the Ghost Rider movie is all about - well, the question is - what all would you do for your love? That is what the movie is all about! Mark Steven Johnson of Ghost Rider asks you - What can you sell for your love- your soul? Can you go through hell?

You can see it all in posters, Ghost rider trailers, ghost rider wallpapers, and of course not to forget the ghost rider comics! Grab the ghost rider comics at the nearest bookshop and get the most exciting ghost rider wallpapers for your room.

The story line leads with a superstar motorcycle stunt rider by the name of Johnny Blaze (Nicolas Cage) who makes a deal with the bad man or the devil to safeguard people whom he loves the most. Among those are his father and his childhood sweetheart, Roxanne (Eva Mendes). Now, the devil has come for his due. By day, Johnny is a die-hard stunt rider... but at night, in the presence of evil, he becomes the Ghost Rider, a bounty hunter of rogue demons. Forced to do the devil's bidding, Johnny is determined to confront his fate and use his curse and powers to defend the innocent.

Based on the popular marvel comic - the movie Ghost Rider directed by Mark Steven Johnson was able to portray a handful of highly experienced bike riders. Do you know that these riders used identical motorcycles and riding gear to confuse Swedish police. The huge machine that Johnny Blaze ( Nicolas Cage ) is riding in the movie is unbelievably polished and ominous up close, with detailed weld-work and one-of-a-kind customization done carefully.

A secret was revealed on the sets of the movie - Joakim Karlsson who died during the Isle of Man TT races was one such ghost rider! However SWT has never been able to find out if this was true or not but since then many such kinds of Ghost rider news have been surfacing up. If you are in search of any kind of details about the movie - ghost rider clips, trailers, wallpapers, DVD's and pics, do not forget to check them out at Ghost Rider. In spite of the Ghost rider's reputation of being inevitable, there have been many accidents on the sets of the movie. The director Mark Steven Johnson was a little bit concerned this time because every film on ghost rider seems to be haunted! There have been car crashes, fire alarms, and even a car crashing while crossing the street in the first movie to being busted by cops, (although claimed by the Ghost Rider people that this is not true, there are film clips and witnesses to these incidents and the clip of the bust can easily be found on the internet). Read these and many other interesting features about the Ghost Rider only at Ghost Rider.

About the Author

Randell Rogfend is a father of three children who has had a long and fulfilling writing career. His passion is writing and he has contributed to countless newspapers, magazines and books.  The following site is his collection of articles about his latest interest: 


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